Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oregon - Brewer's Union Local 180 Brewery, Oakridge

Located in sleepy Oakridge, east of Eugene by about an hour and a half drive, and smack dab in the middle of central Oregon MTB country, is the Brewer's Union Local 180. A small local micro brewery with a tasty assortment of goodies on tap and a comfy assortment of lounging and dining rooms for your beer consumptive pleasure! Try the "Dearth and Surfeit" English IPA. Yummy.

Da Bar

The West dining room, families OK until 9pm. I only popped in with the group for a quick beer and a round of pool...had to get back to the boss and little boss waiting for me at the house. We went to Salt Creek Falls after I picked them up at the house...same day as this.

Point to the two who can't seem to get the whole vacation thing!

I smoked Jim, and then got smoked by Chris.

Where are we again?

From the outside...showing the sun deck in full bloom, and one of Oregon's official hairy-pitted pot-puffer mobiles, the ubiquitous "10 Year Old Subaru with Swedish Roof Rack"


They say I'm Bitter and Cynical, I prefer well Hopped said...

Hey! That's my car, and I am not some stinky patchouli wearing, pot smoking stoner. There is a fine line between making a stereotype and being the stereotype Mr. Florida!

Utahdog! said...

Embrace the bitter. Coiter the cynical. Be one with the hate.

That's what we teach in Florida, and that's what we learn in Florida.

Walk the path.

Utahdog! said...

Besides...everyone knows I have a "chihuahua on a throw pillow" relationship with Subarus stacked to the nines with cool Swedish roof racks!

Best part of my time in Boulder was getting to commune with Brat drivers. Bring back the BRAT!!!

Paul said...

It was a cool litte bar with good food and drink. And I hadn't checked my email all week so I had to do a litte bit work. You want me to keep my job don't you?!?