Monday, August 3, 2009

Oregon - Day 4 Part 2...Eugene

Almost forgot this little tidbit...we stopped by Eugene on the drive out to the coast, so I guess this should actually be "Day 4 Part 1" Oh well.

Eugene was a funky little city, filled with bright flowers and giddy, tattooed and pierced heroin addicts. The city is also home to the University of Oregon and the Ducks!

This is a shot of the track facility, the larger football facility, Autzen Stadium, was in another area the we did not visit. I'm not even sure Autzen is on campus...seems like I saw that it was off campus to the north somewhere...

Loft style mixed use buildings downtown. "Mixed Use" is favored lexicon for urban planners and heroin addicts alike.

Lovely peaceful flower-choked landscape in downtown Eugene. The light-pole flower baskets were so stuffed with posies that they looked almost cartoonish. Pretty, but cartoonish.


That may look like a young mother taking her child on a nice morning ride through town, but actually there's a brick of heroin in that buggy.

Of course all these heroin jokes are just that, jokes. It is widely reported that Oregon has a heroin problem, much like Florida is choking on crack cocaine. While I never saw any real hard evidence of the drug on the streets of any Oregon town we visited, there were signs which at least pointed toward a listless undercurrent of chemically induced euphoria. Public art like this was the tip-off for me.

Jane Identified her own questionable public features... For we see a local artists rendering of the popular, pot-puffing jam-band "Phish", represented in, what else?...Turtles!

The newspaper rack in the bagel shop where we stopped for breakfast. This is what the printed media has been reduced to, it seems. We will miss it when it's gone! Look for work, brother!


Steve said...

At first I thought the paper just sold out. But with that sign...I guess not. :(

I thought Florida was choking on meth? Crack just seems so '80s.

Utahdog! said...

Meth is so Central Florida. Up here in NoFlo, we kick it old school.