Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fire Pit

Did a little work around the house this weekend. Getting ready to tie up a few loose strings on some lingering projects I've had kicking around the house.

First up, finishing the rustic patio area out near the shed under the trees. I built the dry stack stone wall out of the pavers from the old shed floor, did that a few years ago, and just had some scraggy grass out there for a while. I went out and picked up some brick pavers to set in a soldier course to edge off the patio from the rest of the yard, and then created a 36 inch square paver pad for the fire pit, set on a diagonal in the middle of the patio, and filed the rest with 10 bags of pine bark.

"But wait!" I hear you say in a very Hemingway-esque tone. "Pavers are good. Bricks are good. The soldier course is straight, and nice. The pine bark was aromatic. But pine bark is flammable!"

Of course, pine bark is flammable. But I'm not worried. First off, the hose is nearby. Second, there a fire extinguisher in the shop. Third, the fire pit will never have a fire big enough for tossed embers to be an issue, and for the most part, here in Florida, will see Duraflame duty only. My yard will not go up in flames, thanks.

Kristen's brother Ryan made me this Bucs flag out of some test plot and scrap material at his job, where he's a graphic artist guru. I hit it with about 6 coats of UV resistant spray, and hung it by chain from the eves of the shed over the patio. All that's missing now is the chairs.

And of course, the missing chairs are another project of mine... 4 Adirondack jobs still in the making. Home projects are never done.


Steve said...

You're MAKING Adirondack chairs? Don't you have a garden shop nearby?

Good use of the Bucs flag! As for flammability, if we've been able to burn those huge honking piles of rubbish in Land O' Lakes without the whole town going up in smoke, I think you ought to be OK with that little fire pit. :)

Utahdog! said...

That's my thought. It's not like I'll be burning pitch-soaked pine logs or hot-burning oak or anything. And there's a spark catching lid for the fire when it's lit. I figure if the pit is ok for use on a deck, then I'll be fine.

Barbara said...

I never remember hearing about a runaway fire in Florida. There's just too much sand everywhere to put it out.

Maybe when the whether cools off to around 68 degrees you can light it up! :)