Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ever wonder what product managers are thinking? What makes the marketing guys think that shipping out rear derailleurs or other bicycle parts in cookie tins is a good idea?

At least cookie tins are usable for small part storage.

Newer release of the Sram X-0 goodies don't get cookie tins. Nope, no longer. Today, X-0 stuff comes in a nice clear pencil box.

Good job, marketing goons. Good job.


Steve said...

Dave recently bought a cylindrical container filled with individually plastic-wrapped prunes. That took packaging to a whole new level, in my eyes!

Paul said...

I think it is better than cardboard and plastic that people just throw away. I have two plastic Avid brake boxes that I keep stuff in. I use my Thomson bags for various things like our toothbrushes when we camp. I use the bags my SRAM Red stuff came in to package guns & mags for range trips.