Wednesday, October 14, 2009

EWR bar swappage...

I've been a little concerned with my E-motion being a medium rather than a large, as the seller indicated in the eBay auction. I'm convinced that the medium size is the case, as I remember when I bought my OWB that the idea of the 24" top tube on the large E-motion bothered me enough that it was a decision making factor in how I wound up with the white OWB rather than a white E-motion. The medium E has a top tube just a hair under 23" (which at the time I thought may be too short!), and 24" seems awfully long for a woods bike even for a guy my size. The OWB has a top tube measurement over 23 so I took Jay up on that bike, and left the E-motion dreams in the past.

Until eBay sent the orange beastie my way, that is. But when I popped open the box and took a peek at the E, the size seemed a little small, but it's a funky frame with funky geometry, so you never can tell with these things until you build them up. Built up, though, the front end seemed low, unless I was running 40mm of headset spacers under the stem. Functional, but Ugly.

So a little bar finagling, coupled with the reinstallation of the rigid fork on the white OWB, and viola! my vintage EWRs are both within a hairs whisker of each other, and still have the bar distance and height, and seat height measurements I'm looking for.

1.5" rise FSA bar from the old Cannondale Rush, and a modern Race Face 31.8 clamp stem in 120 7degree size, 15mm of spacers (and a head tube a bit smaller than the E-motion) gets me to the desired bar height and reach, and does not look like a pieced together ill-fitting cobble job.

And the E, with the 130mm 5 deg System, 2" rise Diabolus bar, and 21mm of spacers. Nicely balanced, I think. A 10 degree stem would still be ideal and would allow me to remove another 8mm headset spacer, but the 5 works, looks good, and I have it, so... done!

Side by side, bar heights and saddle heights, and of course, a bad photo angle that does nothing to actually visually compare the two!

And from the front. Were it not for the leaning white, these two bikes are almost identical in set-up. (except for the fact that all the drive train parts and brakes are totally different!)
Note the dirt on the E. I'm not completely a wimpy old-fart poseur, just 80%.


Neill said...

How wide are those bars dude?

I'm trying to get the optimum on mine and have already sawn 20mm off either end.

Utahdog! said...

Both of them are trimmed down, about 10-12mm or so off each end, as I recall. I'm pretty broad-shouldered, so I ride a wide handlebar on my riser-bikes. I don't typically trim flat bars at all.