Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yokota, meet primer. Primer?...Yokota.

4 coats of primer on the frame and one on the fork. The frame will get a little wet sanding and a small amount of filler on a few spots on the frame, to even out the final finish. Fork will get a few more coats, but I only had time to get the one coat on the thing, with the sun going down. It looks to be a rainy few days here coming up, so I'll hold off for a bit on applying more primer to the fork and starting the paint.

And I think the rack mounts are coming off. These things are goofy, and I'll never use them.

ESPECIALLY these dropout mounts.

After the surgery, I'll hit the frame in the muffed up areas from the surgery with a Dremel grinder bit and some fine sanding, then a bit more primer and then I'll give it a final sanding before we start in with the color.

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