Thursday, January 14, 2010


We've had 11 days of freezing temperatures here in North Florida, so to this point, two weeks into the new year, I have yet to touch a bike! It's killing me! Plus, I weigh a lot!

Yokota paint project is also on hold, as my hands get too cold to hold a spray can when I go outside. I can't even work on a bike!

It's amazing, that when you structure your life around spending a bunch of time outside, as we are want to do here in FLA, when the weather prevents that outside time, you really start to suffer. I am ready to be warm again, and it looks like tomorrow will be nearly 70 for a high. Which is good. I will be at work. Which is bad.

Saturday, I will not be at work...

...and it is supposed to rain.

Who did I anger to deserve this and how do I wipe my Karma-slate clean?!

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Steve said...

That's why those of us in climate-challenged parts of the country rely on gyms and treadmills!