Sunday, January 17, 2010

Goodbye #2

This one stings.

As much as I'd like for it to not be the case...this MEDIUM (are you listening eBay seller?) E-Motion is just too small. It's either a medium or Jay and the Grove fellas made an E-Motion with a short top tube. It's a great looking frame, and I'm still going to shop for that large, but the medium here needs to go to a good home, and lucky for me, I've got one of those homes in the family.

Pretty frame. Nice metallic orange. Yummy yum, and I think orange is a nasty looking color but this is one lovely frame.

Whenever possible, always take pictures of your funky old orange vintage bicycle in front of your funky old orange vintage Preway fireplace. All I need is deep shag, a lava lamp and Jim Croce on vinyl and I'll be pimpin!

Obligatory Fresh Frame sticker detail. Dig that metallic. Yum.

Enjoy the frame, P+C!

And I'm off to enjoy my fireplace, with its scented candles. If you need me, people, I'll be grooming my sideburns and drinking some crap Chianti out of a bottle with a basket for a base. Now where did I put those rolling papers?


Caroline said...

You stop your bad influence on my sweet bike!!! Promise we will take care of her. She can sit in the orange bike-room bean-bag.
-C (of P&C)

Steve said...

One word: Mateus!

Dan O said...

Nice, nice frame. Sweet.