Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blog Neglect!

I'm sitting here with my lovely wife, watching "Julie and Julia" on Comcast On-Demand ($4.99! WTF!) and feeling strangely guilty for not updating the blog for a week. Not guilty enough to write something specific to updating the blog, mind you. Rather there's more to this update than just pointless blog updates!

Oh no! Instead, I've paused the movie (for $4.99! WTF! I'd better be able to pause the damn thing!) so that I can snipe some goodies off fleabay!

Picked these babies up tonight, movie paused. The best part about this auction, is that I found it days ago and punched in the minimum bid, a pretty fair price I might add, and then settled in for the multi-day wait culminating in tonight's paused mediocre movie snipe fest! Here's the best part!:...these babies are so obscure that nobody else put in a bid! My weirdness knows no bounds!!!

TahDah! Ionic brake braces. (the two braces in the front only, That Gorilla stuff in the background is there, well, I have no bloody idea why it's there! Nasty things.)

Aint them Ionic braces just the dog's danglies? Don't you just want to put on some women's clothes and stuff these babies under your pillow and sing show tunes? Wheeee!


Steve said...

"Julie and Julia" is an awesome movie! Not mediocre!

Utahdog! said...

Mediocre at best. Sorry. Your dodgy take on the flick is excused due to your current fascination with cooking! HAHA!

Nice looking DCR, by the way. I don't remember it looking like that when we were kids and you'd bake the thing.

Steve said...

I think it looked like that, more or less. We just ate it before fully appreciating its appearance!