Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rocky sprouts some parts!

First things first... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Starting the process of hanging bits on the Rocky Mountain Avalanche. Not all parts are correct vintage but then again I've never really given a rats patootie about that in the past, so why start now!

Deore cranks, NOS, with NOS Race Face bash guard and Sakae Ninja granny ring. The bash is surely not correct vintage, but I want to ride this bike and the technical trails around here don't like low bottom brackets and 46 tooth big rings. And I'm a fat slob that can't push a big ring. Yeah...that too.

Deore DX rear derailleur. Short cage. I picked this one because it has patina. That's French for it's got scratches on it. Duh!

Dia Compe 986 brakes. I assembled these out of a bin of salvaged 986 parts I snagged on fleabay cheap.
Ritchey Logic brake levers and Deore XT thumbies. These levers are also patina'd out, and the shifters are NOS, although the clamps are not, and they are pretty faded. Again, that French word applies.

SDG Kevlar. Surely NOT proper vintage, but my fat butt likes these, so tough it out, VRC goons. You know who you are! Besides, this one has PATINA! Weee!

Original 105 headset fitted by Rocky in the factory. It gets to stay.

As does the Suntour post.

Next up...wheels.


Dan O said...

Nice. Should be a cool bike when completed.

Utahdog! said...

Thanks Dan. Need to get off my rump and spoke up them wheels!

Steve said...

And did you call your father?! (I did -- but he was on his way to Sam Seltzer's so we couldn't talk long!)

Utahdog! said...

Janie and I left a message and he didn't call me back. I'm glad you talked to him, at least we know he's alive!