Monday, February 22, 2010

The Weekend's Booty

Sorry. No ass pictures in this post. Get your mind out of my gutter!

First trophy. Ritchey threadless stem. This sucker will get the topo fade paint headed for the Yokota. If I ever get the weather complimentary enough to facilitate painting the Yokota, that is!

Second. With all the hullabaloo about international shipping kicking around on the Retrobike boards, I thought I'd do a little buying from Europe and see how the shipping experience works the other direction. So I found some little doodads I have a use for, offered by a top rated seller in France, and took the plunge. Seller has already left feedback, so it looks like he's on the stick and things are going good. Now I just wait to see how long a trans Atlantic ship-job takes for four little wheel skewers...

Finally, the Rascal needs new mittens, and Ourys just seem a little too 'oomphy' for such a sleek bike. WTBs are comfy from back in the day, so why not?

Rascal got some new goodies this weekend too...more on that in a bit...

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