Thursday, February 25, 2010

White EWR Update!

Flipped a few parts around on the white EWR. Now running the silver Race Face System stem and a 36-17 combo. I likes it fast.

said stem

Said 36 tooth Atlas crank. Dig the Topo. I get all 'slutty-prom-queen' antsy for Topo.

Alteks. More slutty prom queen action. When these are in the room, I'm like a German Sheppard at the airport! Woof *point* Woof *point*...the smack is in THERE!

Gotta zoom to the Fresh Frame logo. I don't got a FF on the blue EWR. Other new EWRs got a FF. I got screwed out of my new FF. Kenn? Jay? Where you at?

Big ass hips.

You got a purdy mouth, boy!


Neill said...

Your white is looking neat, digging the tweaks.

(USPS just dropped me off something neat for my yellow....)

Dan O said...

Super sweet bike. EWR rocks....