Wednesday, March 17, 2010

EWR package!

I ordered some little trinkets from the boys at EWR last week. Just poking around on their web page and drooling over the new E-Motion Titanium, and I noticed that they only had three pairs of socks left, so you know I had to impulse buy all three pairs. I'm a whore for the impulse buys.

So Tuesday, the package arrives...

"Serving Outdoor Professionals Worldwide." Granted that while the box is obviously a reused item, it's still an applicable phrase for display on a package filled with goodies from the good folks at EWR.

Although the message on the flip-side was a surprise.

OK, I have to come clean...I added that just for the picture, but you know, somehow that message fits the culture of EWR too! Like big boobs and malt liquor.

And inside...the goodies I paid for! SOCKS BABY! Dig that east coast hardcore aggressive style!...or am I laying it on a bit thick? (work with me here...!)

And inside?...because those EWR guys are such cool bad asses? loot for me! Woohoo! I'm digging that head badge, and you know I like stickers. I'm a whore for the stickers.
So do the right thing, people! Go buy your EWRs now! If you don't, then the terrorists win!


Paul said...

I want a headbadge! It would look cool with my collection. As soon as they come out with another cool t-shirt, I will have to get one.

Utahdog! said...

The socks kick ass. All the ladies dig 'em.

Neill said...

Neat....reminds me I need to give Kenn a nudge on my EWR merch some clothing and other goodies on order :-)

Paul said...

Are you going to get a ti ewr? I think it would only be worth it if it shaved a lot of weight off.