Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lenovo S10 Ideapad Netbook

Took the netbook plunge this past weekend. Actually, I ordered it a little before that, but it recently shipped. It's a cute little thing and it's pretty speedy. 1 gig RAM, 1.6Ghz Atom processor, 160gig hard drive, 10" screen and a slimline 3 cell battery, all for only $249. I had gone to Best Buy previously, but all they have there in stock is a bunch of pretty lipstick pink and red netbooks, way too fancy for me. Best Buy sucks.

I chose the Lenovo because it looks like a laptop...period. Flat black plastic. Free shipping. Perfect. Now I'm doing damage to Ebay from the comfort of my bed! All I need is for somebody to train my Roomba to serve cocktails! I'll need a Roomba too, I guess...

Took a lot of photography skill for me to plan this shot and execute RIGHT when it went to sleep, either that or I've set up my screen saver to look like my hands holding a camera!

Proudly made in China. Grrr,

Overall, I'm quite pleased.


Neill said...

Perfect eBay and Blogging weapon :-)

Utahdog! said...

From the water closet even!