Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lifted Rover

I've been so pleased that my Rover has made it another year without barfing up its oil pump, that I decided to invest in the necessary suspension goodies so that I can get the truck lifted and Hurricanes all mounted up. Plus, one of my old Michelins was separating, so new tires were long over due!

I had intended to do this all on my own, but who am I kidding...I barely find the time to install 7 door knobs in my house, much less safely lift a 3 ton truck! So, I farmed it out to the pros...

The larger Hurricanes rims and 32" Avon tires do a lot to keep the additional 2" of lift from looking too pimpy, and the truck still has a very stock look. Thankfully. Overall the truck is about 3 or so inches higher than when it left the factory. Once upon a time I had all kinds of crazy dreams for this truck, then I grew up and took my head out of my ass and started saving money for my kids. Not that you'd know that from my eBay activity!

And from the back, Rover still has the "fat calves and skinny ankles" presentation. Like Burt Reynolds says..."Cowboys love fat calves." Not that I'm a cowboy, or that he is, for that matter!

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Paul said...

Can we see a before picture please?