Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Loot!

The three of us; my fat ass, the white EWR and I, went to Hanna Park this past Sunday, for a little 'shake off the cob webs and remember how this whole bike thingy works' session. I was so please that I neither tore a muscle from the sudden increase in activity, nor stroked out from the gluttonous red meat consumption over the past few months, that I ran right home and bought a bunch of worthless crap off the Internet!

Scott AT4 Pro combo bars, new in the box.

A cool Moose sticker! (Don't ask!)

And 5 seat post binder bolts. You'll never guess in a thousand years what these are for, and don't say seat post binder bolt binding or bolting!

You fans of Canadian mountain bike goodies will probably guess when I give you the following clue:

Revolution Cranks


Steve said...

That top thing looks like some kind of Suzanne Somers ab flexer.

Utahdog! said...

They sure are goofy bars, but that's what makes them neat!

Dan O said...

Man, I remember those bars from "back in the day".

I owned the other Scott model - rounded built in bar ends. Similar to the one pictured, minus the "aero" front piece. They've been hanging in my garage for at least 15 years now.

Maybe I should eBay 'em....

Utahdog! said...

Dan, some wacko out there (like me) would buy those in a heart beat. If you don't want them, do it!

Anonymous said...

Nice bars! It's three years later, and I can't find those anywhere. :(