Thursday, April 29, 2010

San Felasco

There's been a flurry of cycling activity amongst the executive editorial big-wigs here at One Utahdog Place, World Congress of the Americas. This past Sunday I did the metric century option in the Tour De Forts, a local event here in town. I also burned two days of leave last week, and went to San Felasco in Alachua on Wednesday, and Santos in Ocala on Friday. I only took pictures at San Felasco though. So you'll just have to trust me on the other two rides. It's OK, I'm an executive here at Utahdog World Headquarters, and you know from the recent bank collapses and bailouts that we executives are perfectly ethical and trustworthy.... er....

The weather rolled in when I first arrived in Alachua, but it didn't rain on me at all, and the trails were fast and smooth.

First trail in and I see...
A hawk!
Blackberries are on the way.

Most folks don't know that the original working title of the movie, "The Man From Snowy River" was actually "The Man From Itchy Bottom Lake". They went the snowy route when halfway through post production they realized they wanted to do a sequel, and nobody would pay to see a movie called "Return to Itchy Bottom Lake".

Red Bug Run and Soggy Bottom Loop. Somebody had enchiladas before naming these trails. With extra salsa.

The gnome still patrols. He migrates around the trails as people see fit, and is currently holed up in this hollowed out tree.
I rebuilt the EWR for the season too. New BB7 brakes, Sram X0 drivetrain, Saint cranks, the wheels from the E-motion I sold, and a fresh Race Face bar. Alteks, Thomson goodies, and the SDG remain. No need to change those. Don't f*$@ with perfect.

Three leaves. Watch your step.

So in four days time, 34 miles, 32 miles and 63 miles. Not too bad for an old bastard.

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Steve said...

I'm sure there's a relationship between Red Bug Run and Itchy Bottom Lake. :)