Thursday, May 6, 2010

Commute - Who pays for this?!

Ever wonder how this crap gets on the road? Accident sure...but shouldn't the company that got paid to recover the car also be responsible for recovering the other debris? The answer is yes. How does this crap get left behind then?...because the cop that cleared the accident scene as clean didn't do his job and make the tow company pick up the crap.

Tow company should also sweep up the spill-dry absorbing agent spread over the fluid leaks that inevitably come with a car wreck. They don't...instead leaving the spill-dry and the fluids to seep into the street drains, and then into the St Johns River.

Lazy. Just lazy. Lazy cops, and lazy tow truck operators, and lazy citizens who don't say anything when they see this disgraceful crap all over their city. This junk is on a bridge, so you know where the next stop is, right?...Yup. The River. The worst part is, some ass-munch actually took the time to MOVE the debris from the roadway and put it up on the curb!? Why not put it on the truck in the first place!

Sloppy and lazy people disgust me.

Styrofoam bumper pads, and over by the blue bridge support...a window held together with tinting film. How long would picking this up take?

I mean, if it's already, I don't know...YOUR JOB?

An air filter element. Are you kidding me? They left an air filter on the sidewalk in the middle of a bridge downtown? L-A-Z-Y!

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go polish up my Kevlar for the next big drug bust. Word is COPS is filming on location right here in the River City. I might even step out of my air-conditioned cruiser for this one.

Rode the ti mountain bike though. I usually sport a mountain bike on my commutes around town so that I can hop over all the crap that gets left in the street by lazy people.

Reinforce those brakes. You never know when you'll have to grab a handful of stop to avoid hitting a refrigerator that some 'official' left on the roadside after an accident.
Tighten up, folks. Do Your Jobs.

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Paul said...

So who do I need to complain to about the crap left on the road?