Monday, May 24, 2010


We went to Disney a few weekends ago, about the time the blog fell silent I guess. We were there for 4 days, and it took me at least that long to recover.

First 2 days were at EPCOT. I love EPCOT. EPCOT is the grown man's Disney experience. The rest of Disney is for sticky little smelly children covered head to toe in a foul cocktail of poo and gooey candy.

It was the Spring Flower Festival at EPCOT. Pretty neat-o. We breezed right by all this stuff to try to make our dinner reservation at Mexico, but when we got there Jane freaked out at the sight of the volcano mural and insisted we needed to leave ASAP. We were hungry and tired and thirsty and you know what that means!...

Yup! All you can eat at Germany, and beers as big as your skull! Yeehaa!

The English gardens. Or maybe the Canada gardens. What's the difference, really.

Day 2 at EPCOT began much the same way as day one, with Jane freaking out and screaming about being scared of something and then us having to leave and find something for her to do. Here we've just stopped shrieking at the Nemo ride in The Seas.

This poor guy was chillin' in the grass.

And this poor guy was chillin' in the bushes.

Disney, day one. You'll note that everyone in this picture is a fat pig save for the steroid pumpin' dude there in the middle with the stroller. Everyone at Disney is 400 pounds. It's the law.

Jane gets a picture with "Mary Puffins" and "Burp". Mary Puffins is H-O-T!!!

Note the little hands on the steering wheel. I can already feel my insurance rates rising...

Spotted this in Minnie's house. I don't think this is an original Hopper.

This outmoded mindless philosophy of cheap land everywhere is what is screwing up my state. Poor Florida. Disney was a genius in many ways, but in this instance, he was a true idiot.
In Disney fashion, even the sign has a corporate sponsor.

And we're out! A good 4 day trip marked by a couple tantrums, but overall I acted OK, I guess. Jane was well behaved too, and we all had a ball. With kids, you almost need to do these trips, and we'll for sure be back.

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Steve said...

I haven't been to Epcot since we went in 1984. (And I had mono then, so I wasn't entirely conscious.) I'm sure it's changed a lot!

Jane freaked out at a MURAL??

Please send hi-res photo of steroid guy. :)