Friday, May 7, 2010


Just to reinforce to everyone that I don't buy EVERY 217 Sunset rim, or Altek brake lever, that hits the flea. Here's four that got away....

28 hole, for the pair. NOS 217 Sunsets. $51! If I weren't such a fat pig I'd have given these a spin for that price.

32 hole 217 Sunset, sold for a paltry $26. This would have been mine if I wasn't at work when it closed. I don't hit the flea from the office.

Altek blacks, sold on a BIN - Best Offer listing for $125. I have two sets of black, so I let these slide. Too rich for me to pay that for a third pair.

And finally, another set of Alteks. These sold for $99 or so. I might have considered buying these, but at $99, chances are there was another buyer willing to pay more, and my participation in that auction probably would have driven the price closer to the $120 that the other set went for, and then the deal is gone. Pass

See, I'm not so crack-freak psycho that I buy up all these listings that hit the flea...

...just most of them.

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