Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shed Door

Spent Saturday and Sunday this weekend off the bike and working on the shed. I installed two vents in each end wall, high up so that they can assist the soffit vents do their jobs and release some of the hot air that collects in the shop. Travis came by on Sunday and we removed the barn style double doors and replaced them with a steel door and dead bolt. No more padlocks!

The vent on the front. It is screened and louvered to keep out the critters and rain.

Door and filler wall. The both of them will be painted the original red as the doors were...to keep the same proportion of red in the look of the shed.

Rear vent.

Dead bolt and knob sets, both salvaged from the front door from when we bought the house.

A proper threshold! With weather stripping even!

Next up a little primer and paint and the old shed will be good for a couple more years!

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