Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Yokota

So now I'm at that point in the Yokota build where I sit down every night with a bottle of my favorite goo....

...3M Rubbing Compound Polish

and sure, OK, fine...the other goo aint too badly either!

What I'm doing here is knocking down the high spots and roughness sometimes found on a rattle can finish. The 3M is great stuff, and it does an amazing job of bringing the clear coat up to snuff. Here the fork is shown, in process. Last night I finished the fork and stem and got started on the frame.

Here you can see the fork pretty well, in the light. These pictures are in process polishing shots, and the smoothness and gloss of the clear after being hit with the 3M is great. I'll save the final polished shots for when I have the frame/fork/stem all done and installed together.
We're moving now!

1 comment:

Steve said...

I always wondered how the finish gets so smooth when spray-paint is used. Figures there would be some goo out there for just that purpose.