Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wacky Shops part Dos

You'll recall that just a couple weeks ago I tried to order a set of Avid brake pad inserts through my local shop, and instead they ordered me a pair of Jagwire complete replacement pads? And that I told the shop that I wasn't going to buy the pads that they'd ordered for me out of principle, because they had repeatedly insisted on buying what they considered a 'comparable equivalent' if it meant they could order from their usual en mass catalog supplier (read; QBP).

Well, the story gets better. They offered to reorder my Avid pads that I requested, and I accepted. Last week I got the call that my pads were in. This time they were brake pad inserts alright... brake pad inserts for Jagwire brake pads, not Avids.

Strike two.

Or maybe just strike three, or more accurately, pop fly and out, because...

...I was so surprised that they still managed to use their 'judgement' to second guess my order and screw up what would seem to be the most obviously simple special order on the planet, that I speechlessly slapped down my 10 bucks and made those stupid little brake pad inserts the last special order purchase I'll make from that shop. From now on, no question...PricePoint.

Irony: The inserts were 3 dollars more than the complete pads that they originally ordered.


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