Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer in Tsali

Spotted in line at the ATM...

The required overlook picture.

And the artsy variant of the above.

Overlook dos. Note headlights are ablaze. I'm hard core.

The old girl. Still going strong after 20 years of camping. Been a good tent. This trip...the first signs of leakage. I'll have to seal the seams.

I don't bring much these days. I'm not 'Expo Ready' as the EE guys joke. They would not approve of my roof-top sarcophagus of fun though. Or my Action Packer. Or my cooler for that matter. Or that the whole lot is in a car-camping paradise. Then again, they don't approve of much, so I'll live.

Wall of shame begins with a lone Rolling Rock. I was by myself for the first few hours and it was a welcome change to the 9 hour drive.

Next morning, Paul and I hit the NOC for grub. It was sub-par, but the views of the humid morning and the river were nice. Paul was the only other one from the old crew to make the trip, although his friend Mark came up for a night.

Flash to end of trip pictures. There was a drunken interlude here of 2 days, where the weather didn't cooperate with our plans to ride. Actually not too drunken I guess. The wall of shame has been more shameful than this, for sure.

The walk to take Utah his ball. Paul and I took the stroll.

The Ball.

The Lake.

Ball in Lake. Until next time, old friend.
It's been 3 years since Utah passed away and I think about him still. All the time. He was a good critter.

Shoving off. The trails were a little wet from the rain, but the lake was high, so that is a fair trade off in the grand scheme of things.


Paul said...

Good times. Lets do it again on October 23rd.

Steve Reed said...

Awwww, poor Utes.