Thursday, September 16, 2010

South Georgia day trip

To close out the summer here in North East Florida, we left North East Florida and headed to South East Georgia...otherwise known as North North East Florida. Specifically, we visited St Mary's, on the Atlantic coast.

St Mary's is the stepping off point to the Cumberland Seashore.

Here Kristen is intentionally pointing away from Cumberland Island, to confuse some tourists in from Cleveland.

There are many rules in St Mary's, and many signs filled with said rules. There are also many people in St Mary's who cannot read.

"No Illegal Substances Allowed" says the sign. I mean really...isn't it enough that the substances are illegal? Do we need to tell people that they can't bring their illegal crap out in public when we've already told them they can't even own it?

"That aint Bethesda Fountain!"

Looking out over the water.

St Mary's has more shared lane marking than Jacksonville. They also don't seem to have a width requirement for roadways which are getting the 'sharrow' treatment either.

Beautiful weather and a fun day all around. On our way home, we did make a wrong turn and wind up at the gate of the Nuclear Sub Base at Kings Bay though... Oops.


Steve Reed said...

Actually, don't you live in South Southeast Georgia??

I'm sure even with that sign, plenty of people are dragging out their illegal substances. After all, they're probably so f*cked up they're totally oblivious to the sign.

(Hey, I just dropped the F-bomb on your blog!)

Utahdog! said...

I don't think putting an asterisk in the middle counts as a complete drop. You had the almost pulled it off, but in the end you just f*cked it up.

Steve Reed said...

LOL! Well, there are small children in the room, after all...

Paul said...

First you mention a random communist. Then you talk about "accidently" going to a nuke base. The po-po is going to come after you.