Friday, October 29, 2010

The Also-Ran auctions

This is what happens after one set of Alteks goes on the flea and sells for nearly 200 bucks. The "also-ran" levers come out of the woodwork. Sorry boys*, there are some issues with your offerings that will keep me looking only...


Silver, the most common color, and already at 130 bucks. probably wont go much higher than that.

More silver. Similar clean but used condition, and the youngest auction...only a day old and only at a buck right now.

And the clunkers of the bunch. Crash damage, faded blue anodizing and a stripped bolt hole means this auction will sit for a while even with the seller offering them for 89 bucks or best offer. Someone will take the leap but it won't be me. There's good parts here, but that is a lot of money for parts.

And what is that one thing that these 3 lever sets don't have that the 200 buck pair do?...RED BABY!!

All pics boosted from respective auctions. Search eBay for 'Altek' if your pants get tight* for silver brake levers and you're fancying yourself as a prospective buyer. Bid 'em up!

* - sexist disclaimer. Most retro wackos are fellas, and in the interests of avoiding an adult tag for the blog, I'm not even about to try to explain in print the female equivalent to tight-pants! You can go find a Lady Gaga video on On Demand cable for that!

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Dan O said...

Some of the vintage parts prices are getting loopy.

I can't complain though, a few months ago sold off a pair of Ringle water bottle cages on eBay for crazy money to some dude in England. Total was $100 including shipping.

Whatever makes you happy....