Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brodie Teaser!

Last shot you'll see on this blog of the Brodie until it's ready for parts! Here I've finished the second coat of paint but net yet sanded or applied the last two coats. The final finish will be 4 coats of Refrigerator White... favorite color.

Then I'll rub it down with a pair of my BVDs and some 3M compound, apply the stickers, and then build her up! Should be ready by my North Carolina trip in late October!


Dan O said...

Sweet! White bikes always look great.

Goat Surfer said...

I'll be honest, I preferred it orange....but I know how much you hate orange ;-)

Utahdog! said...

I really like white more than I dislike orange. Don't get me wrong, orange is not at all in the hierarchy of prefered colors but lets face it...with some thoughtful parts selecting and a careful build, you can make almost any color scheme look like a snappy ride.