Friday, October 8, 2010

eBay Out Door

My structured deal to sell the Amp-Benz has failed, so I am pimping it out on eBay in bits and pieces. These are the first bits. Pieces to follow...

RD-M739 Shimano rear derailleur. Excellent shape. Not its fault that it is the ugliest derailleur ever made by Shimano...and they made some uuuuuuugly crap.

Ignore the blurry picture. *waves hand* have been drinking, you have been drinking!

ST-M739 STI. These things are in great shape for a component that should have never been created in the first place. Shifter/Brake Lever combos.... what's next, a breaded hot dog on a stick?

Oh wait...

And the M739 crankset. The first iteration of the poorly conceived 4 arm cranks from Shimano. These even feature that beloved riveted outer chainring that requires you to replace half the damn thing in order to put on a new ring. They are pretty, but they are as pointlessly stupid as possible.

Basically M739 series parts are almost all crap. Should I be saying all this about crap I'm trying to sell?

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