Monday, October 25, 2010

EWR on the Flea!

This little beastie sold on the flea yesterday for a pretty good chunk of cash... Not exactly Klein money, but nearly 600 bucks isn't a slouch amount by any means. Looks like a Ringle stem, IRD post, Cook cranks too. Not bad at all.

That Manitou EFC fork would be a sweet little bit for the collection also.


Dan O said...

Those EWR bikes were/are wicked cool.

Worth $600 used? In good shape, why not?

I have one of those Manitou forks, freshly rebuilt before putting it away years ago.

I used to run it on my Yo Eddy, I've since reinstalled the stock steel Yo Eddy fork.

Goat Herder said...

You will remember it being listed a year or so ago several times and it didn't sell. $600 is a good price if you ask me for a whole bike and yeah it had some CNC tinsel on too :-)

Utahdog! said...

I was in the cue for it, but a friend of mine was bidding also. He got sniped and lost out by 20 bucks.