Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Late October in Tsali - Part 2

Them there trail shots I was talking about. You have to use phrases like 'them there' when describing North Carolina trails.

I took the full rigid Phoenix this time. Matt and Paul and I were joking that we have more EWRs between the three of us than any other group of friends and yet only one EWR was on the trip, Matt's. Paul had the full suspension Ventana.

First day on the trails, just me and Paul. Friday was Right and Left loop, so we started out on the Right and went to it.

I had no idea that yellow and Sunset 217s would match the fall foliage so well. I should be a style consultant.

The view of the Blue Ridge from the trail, away from Fontana Lake.

And toward the lake on the other side of the trail. Water was pretty low this year, but not as bad as last.


Second day was Mouse and Thompson. These two shots are from the same switchback stream crossing on Mouse, the first looking up toward the trail to come and the second looking back where we'd been. Not as many pictures of the second day. More focus on riding instead of photos.

The temperature in the daytime was a nice 70 degrees or so, a welcome change from the freezing temps overnight.

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