Monday, October 11, 2010

WTB built!

I'm getting quite the reputation for taking way too long to build up a bike. Well here's the proof/pudding Whatever.

Arrived via Fed Ex on Friday and built by Sunday. WTB Phoenix.

Nice proportions.

Sunset rims and Sram X-0 goodies.

Race Face Turbines in XTR slate blue, with NOS 9 speed rings.

M950 XTR hubs, rear spaced out to 140mm to fit the fatty WTB dropouts.

Front is also a M950, although standard width.

Altek sidepull brakes. These are my first brakes by Altek. I've always loved their levers, that's well documented. This will be the first experience I have with their brakes. So far so good.

And like everything I do...Altek levers and an SDG saddle.

Its a pretty bike and my initial impressions are good. I've never given much credence to the whole California birth of the mountain bike thing, and these Phoeni are the last vestiges it would seem, of that mythical ethos. Other than a full blown modern Potts, which I guess is what I'll have to buy if the Phoenix here lights my uterus on fire. If I had a uterus, I mean.

At any rate, I figured, why not. We shall see what all the WTB/Potts hullabaloo is all about...

Stay tuned.


Dan O said...

Super nice...

Utahdog! said...

Thanks! Now I'm working on cloning myself, and my pal Einstein and I are toying with the idea of adding 4 hours to every day. I know we can pull it off.

Goat Person said...

What fork do you have in there?

Utahdog! said...

P2 baby!

Paul said...

I thought your brother, Goat surfer and I were the only ones who read your blog.

The uterus would explain the way you ride.

Sorry, I couldn't resist that since you set it up so nicely.

Goat Surfer said...

uterus....LOL! coffee sprayed over the monitor moment

Utahdog! said...

I have a fan base? 4 followers too! WOOHOO!