Thursday, January 6, 2011

Michigan - December, 2010

We did our now annual December trip to Michigan to visit the wife's family and throw our child out into the cold. There was no snow when we landed, but we knew that was short lived. Apparently it snows 11 months of the year in Michigan, and the other month, known locally as "Summer", is distinguished by the annual hail of bullets strewn randomly about the streets of Detroit.

Sure enough, we awoke to the beginnings of a nice frosty blanket of white. I love Hampton Inns.

Somewhere behind us, warm summer.

Jane Wallows in the snow. Here she's been pelted with a few thousand snow balls, thrown by yours truly!

Table Cakes!

Lake Michigan shore, Traverse City. These summer views are why people flock to the warmth of the Michigan Coast.

Table Cake dos!

Fabled M22, coastal road. M22 rivals the California PCH for scenic grandeur, according to Wilfred Pozniak, long time cherry orchard worker and avid naked wind surfer.

There is, of course, no Wilfred Pozniak.

But if you squint, you can see him here, working the orchard...

...and here, freakin' on the fierce waves of awesomeness that are Lake Michigan, his danglies frosting over in the chilly surf.

Family farm shots. The big barn sits quietly in the snow.

And like a bound up fat man in the bathroom stall of your local Golden Corral, a wagon waits for its next load.

Michigan trips are always a good time, and winter, all kidding aside, is a great time to visit.

Wilfred Pozniak paid me to say that.


Goats Love Barns said...

Nice Barn Porn, us Limey's don't know how to do barns the way you guys do :-/

Steve Reed said...

I'm pretty sure there is a Wilfred Pozniak, or at least someone who lives exactly like him.

I'm still in awe of that last comment re. the bound-up fat man!