Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Out Door and a few Never 4 Sale bits

Out door...Marzocchi Bomber EXR fork. This was from my wife's bike, and briefly the white EWR single speed. It aint light, and the wife now has my Revelation fork, while the EWR is sporting vintage AMP goodness. Out it goes.

And from the going nowhere files...

NOS Deore and Deore XT rear short cage derailleurs. These are from my stores of NOS short cages, and because these no longer have their boxes, they live on a shelf in the den next to a nice set of Cook Bros CBRs , a ceramic elephant, and a 10th anniversary Land Rover Discovery badge. I'm a goober.


The shelf was flat. It was flat and brown. The brown, flat shelf was good. Good and packed with bits. Bits one might find on travels to Pamplona, for the bull fights.

"Do you love me dear?" she asked.

"Hmmm" I mumbled.

"You trite little man!" she blithered " Why must you be so hurtful? Why can't it be like it was in Pamplona? Surely you remember how happy we were, back in the spring, in Pamplona, before all these little worthless trinkets cluttered our lives and diluted our love!"

She was work. Too much work. Women should be ripe fruit, not work. The bits and trinkets would stay. They were good bits. Good trinkets. They were not work.

"Enough woman!" I barked. "Enough with this hateful rot!"

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Steve Reed said...

LOL. You really need to write a whole Faux Hemingway book. I'd buy it. If it were cheap.