Friday, January 28, 2011

More Out Door

More bits from the bottom of the bin. "Bin Sweepings" as my grandfather would say...

Kona Velocity stem.

Red Shimano DX pedals.

Race Face SRX ISIS bottom bracket.

Orphaned Dia Compe SS-5 lever.

Kona K-9 steel ISIS cranks.

28 hole XTR M900 hub.

Tange Switchblade fork crown.

And a well used Race Face bash guard for 110bcd cranks.

So buy now and save already, because these goodies are hotter than a goat's ass in a pepper patch! My grandfather never said that, by the way...


Steve Reed said...

I never even knew he said "bin sweepings"...

hejomara said...

Still got the switchblade crown?
I could use it for a project:)