Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Them that got away.

I spent the last two weeks in the hospital with atypical pneumonia! Well, I'm home now, and that means I'm able to log in to the old fleabay account and see what carnage I've missed in my absence. Not too bad, it seems.

Altek rim brakes, full bike's worth. these sold for about $105, so somebody got a good deal, but they look pretty well used, so I'm not throwing myself off a cliff for missing out.

Blue Altek levers, these also have some miles on them, and sold for $91. I have two sets of blues, so I'll live. Would be nice to have a third set though.

And an SDG Comp Ti saddle in blue. This sucker sold for $50 bucks. Again, a good deal, but I won't be draining my blood out onto the hospital floor for missing out.

Some action missed, but I'll live. Now that I'm out of the hospital anyway,


Dan O said...

Two weeks in the hospital? Ouch. Good news you're back on your feet.

Paul said...

It is good to have you back. Not that I am in FL and able to easily visit but you know what I mean.

Utahdog! said...

Back among the living, yes. It will be a little while before I pedal a bike any good bit of distance, but I can certainly click a keyboard without getting too tired. Talking is still a challenge, but I figure most folks are OK with me being quiet!