Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy Crap! In Box!

Stuff goes out AND stuff comes in here at Utahdog Center. The bins are still less full than before, but that doesn't mean that I can't buy stuff that pops up grabs my grapes of interest.

Sakae Powerbulge Titanium handlebar, uncut and the medium length of 22 inches. The 23 is an elusive bugger, so I'll give the 22 a go and see what ho. Narrower than my shoulders though...

Turner 5 Spot, size large. Yes you are not seeing things, there's a bunch of pivots on the back of that thing, and that means I'm taking the full suspension plunge again. Lets hope it creaks less than the Cannondale Rush. Who the hell am I fooling...EVERYTHING creaks less than a Cannondale.


Paul said...

You will need to make more trips to NC with that. Or at least to SC. Or GA. Get your butt in shape!

Utahdog! said...

Oh sure...kick a man when he's down!!