Monday, April 25, 2011

The Out Door Returns!

Do not be distracted by the recent In Box activity, we are still in purge mode here at the World Congress of the Americas. A new policy of Frugality, lets call it....

Which means I'm selling my shoes...Shimano R-085 roadies. Shave your legs for the full fashion statement.

Hella 550FF Driving lamps.

SDG Kevlar shouldered saddle. I only do full Kevlars and the occasional bass boat glitter jobs.

Suntour Mountech rear derailleur...sans pulley bolt.

Speedplay Frogs and cleats.

Akona diving gloves.

1995 Zaskar frameset, size 18"

1989 Team Avalanche frameset, 18". Get your popcorn ready!

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