Sunday, May 15, 2011

More missed potential...

Goodies on the flea. These are file-able under "Them that got away!"

Kona O-Beam titanium post. Kona didn't always churn out gutless inported crap. Back in the day they were responsible for some pretty swanky stuff. This here be a very very nice titanium post. $202

Paul brake brace, in green. I'm a slut for green anodizing. I'm not a slut for Paul stuff. $75.

Ritchey 2X9 Sachs shifters. Proving once again that there are no new ideas, Sachs made these 2X shifters long before SRAM regurgitated the idea back in our laps with XX. Of course, Sachs became part of SRAM, but still....there's shame here somewhere I can smell it.

And this little sucker? Well, it hasn't closed yet...and I won't tell you what it is until it does. But I can say that it looks to me like it could be cracked in at least two places, and it is STILL north of $400 , with 7 days to go.

Get your popcorn ready!

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