Sunday, September 18, 2011

Creak Abatement Phase 4 - Atlas

Coupled with the teaser bottom bracket from the last post, I'll be installing these Race Face Atlas cranks on the Turner. These Topo Atlas jobs have seen limited duty on the blue EWR and are pretty low miles, so coupled to the new bottom bracket I should, *should*, have a lot of riding from this set up in store. We shall see...

EWR been in storage for about 8 months, so a little of this is dirt, and even more is dust.

Arm pulled and cranks on the way out. I will not be removing the Race Face bottom bracket.

Gutted like a trout on a summer creek fishing trip.

Phase two of the gutting starts here. I'll be canning the three piece cranks and moving on to the Atlas. Ironically enough, it was HERE that I found the creak, I'm sure. The DRIVE side cup was loose in the frame. Finger tight to boot. Must have happened when the plastic cup split, and the wallowing motion of pedaling allowed the drive side to back out. Dammit.

Removed and cleaned.

Cups going in. There is of course, a special tool...being that it is a Shimano part, there is ALWAYS a special too. Bastards. Don't forget the bottom bracket on the drive side is reverse threaded!

Cup in, chain on the outside of the bottom bracket spindle, ready for the drive side arm.

Done and done. Lets ride! (how many times have I said that chasing this damn creak?)

And the tools used for the job. Note on the top of the picture the Thomson post, yet to be installed, but if I STILL have a creak, then I'm throwing in the post. If it STILL creaks after that, then I'm burning the whole bloody mess to the ground and getting a moped.

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