Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'Nooga Too!

Tennessee day two... Raccoon Mountain.

A shot of the city from Raccoon.

Old plates. On a modern Audi Allroad.

More hills than Enterprise, and rockier.

View of the river from the generating station lookout at the start of Megawatt trail.

Rocks on Laurel Point trail.

And after...to BED.

Last morning's fire.

Harrison Bay Lake.

The doods.

Nutrition to go. We stopped in on the Terminal Brewing Company to eat on Saturday, and I scored a nice fat growler of their IPA, cleverly named "Magnum PA"! Get it? HA!

Higgy Baby would be proud.


Steve Reed said...

Awesome scenery! But that tent -- ugh. Which way to the Days Inn?

Paul said...

Days Inn?!? Seriously? James is a high roller Hampton Inn boy.

utahDOG! said...

Hampton Inn is where its at!

Steve Reed said...

Ha! Well, he USED to be a Days Inn boy. :)