Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Robinson Project - Part 5

Decals are eradicated, courtesy of a razor blade and some Goo Gone. The fork goes to the polish first.

Like I said earlier, there is a bit of pitting here, typical of chrome work from imported vendors. Spinner makes a great fork though. It has nifty little Robinson dropouts too, which I'll show in a bit. This picture also shows the only true issue with the chrome, in the the inside of the right leg (on the left in the picture) is a little foggy, and the Robinson decal outline can be seen in the fogging. Once built, only I will know its there...

Boom! Twinkles like a diamond.

Robinson drops on the fork blades.

Robinson signature seat-stay arrangement, and again, Robinson stamped drops. Neat!

And yes, those are cantilever rim brake posts. I'll fit the hand brake and keep the coaster for her to start, but the coaster will go away after a while when she is comfortable with the hand brake.

On to parts!

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