Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Redline Update!

Had a few rides on the Redline, and I've uncovered a few issues that need to be addressed...

First, these Tektro brakes stink. The arms themselves aren't bad, but the pads are horrid chunks or WalMart worthy poo.


Love these Redline labeled hubs. Who needs to machine between the rotor mount holes on the flange when the frame already weighs 47 lbs all by itself?!? Weight savings?... please.

The handlebar also weighs a ton, but mostly because it is 28" long out of the box. I lopped 1" off each end.

Solved the brake issue by throwing on some BB7's from Price Point. Less than $50 a wheel!



And the King is installed. Pretty.


Paul said...

That is why you want to go FATS isn't it? You want to rock the 29'er on the rollers.

utahDOG! said...

I wouldn't take it there I don't think. I would bring the Turner again.