Wednesday, March 14, 2012


After an uneventful drive, I arrived at the Petersburg Campground and set up the tent.

It drizzled on the way up and was raining at the campground when I arrived, so I fully staked the old girl down and hunkered for what could have been a sloppy weekend.

But the clouds broke Friday evening, and Saturday was an amazing day.

Matt getting his pantyhose on...

Look closely...apparently you need to be on the lookout for roller-bladers on the FATS trail system?!!?

Matt's DUC32 equipped Turner.

Seat post adjustments by Paul and Caroline.

Big butt adjustments.

Convict-produced trail signs.

FATS is a hoot! Especially when I can work the phrases "fully staked the old girl down" and "sloppy weekend" into the trail write-up!

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Anonymous said...

Everyone should use convicts to make stuff, screw China.