Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More bus, and the 'Pisser'

No pics this time, sorry.

I addressed the hesitation and lack of power last night. Along with the bus I got a spare 30 PICT carb, the same that is on the bus, which is great because in addition to the repair manual and the parts list manual that feature exploded views of the carb, I can also use the spare as a test for assembly experience. The carb is just different enough from the one in my old Bug to be different, so there is a small learning curve here, and the spare carb is a great tool, kind of like the rubber chest cavity with removable organs that you had in your science classroom in the 5th grade.

Anyway, I took the spare carb and removed the top of the carb from the lower, and then looking at the throat of the carb I located the accelerator injector nozzle, aka the 'Pisser'. I've never heard that term before, but it is fitting, as it resembles a little limp wiener hanging over the throat of the carb, and when you whomp on the throttle, it dumps a full shot of raw fuel into the throat of the carb to meet the sudden need for gas from the wide open throttle.

I pulled the pisser from the lower carb body, and then I blew threw it (no 'blew the pisser jokes please... this is a family blog) and the pisser from the spare carb moved a lot of air. Then I removed the air filter from the top of the bus carb and using a mirror and light, I watched the pisser in the installed and running carb to see if it flowed what I would think would be a comparable amount of fuel to the amount of air I observed from the spare. The bus pisser flowed no fuel. Problem located.

So, I pulled the carb from the bus, pulled off the top of the carp, and removed the pisser from the bus carb. I then blew on the bus pisser (two pisser blows in one post, I am a slut!) and it flowed no air. SO, back to the old Silca bicycle pump, where I clamped the bus pisser inside the pump air hose and then I pumped on the pisser a few times and it blew free.

I feel so dirty.

Anyway, clean pisser in hand, I reassembled the carb and the installed it on the bus. Started it up and it seems much much better. I still detect some bucking in second gear when cruising around the neighborhood, but I think that some of that might be residual fuel tank debris and filter issues. I'm going to run a tank of gas through this filter, with the swishing of the tank sloshing up the smaller bits and catching them in the filter I hope, and then revisit the issue with a fresh filter and see if that solves the remaining 5% of the fuel issues. It is running at about 95% power right now, I'd guess. Feels pretty strong, and the clutch and transmission do everything they should. So far so good.

On to some cleaning, and some brake system inspecting.

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Steve Reed said...

Did we have a rubber chest cavity with removable organs in school??

I can't really think of any comment to make about all that automotive technology, except that you ARE a slut.

Happy blog birthday!