Monday, April 16, 2012

Bus Bits

New arrivals here at One Utahdog Center, World Congress of the Americas.

Pop-out window hasp for the 6 side windows on the bus. Obviously this is for one hasp, and the bus takes 6. The bus has six though, and they all work. BUT, all of the windows are gummed shut by dry rubber and various other detritus. Freeing the windows may result in a casualty, and I want to be prepared. If I want to drive the thing this summer, then those windows have to work.

Rest easy, Pops, it is a German part!

12V Idle control valve. This is the sucker that prevented the bus from idling. Now I have a spare. The spare being the 6V one in the car right now. I'll pull it and replace with the 12V and hold the 6V for emergencies. I'll also fab up a voltage reducer to keep in the spare parts box just in case I need to run the 6V for any length of time, I can run it through the reducer and keep the 6V from blowing. Radio Shack has the bits to do that reducer up.

Don't worry, Pop. I won't run the reducer all the time. Only if I have to!

30Pict-2 carbs for parts. Dirty and cheap.

12V choke. I snagged this before I saw the above lot of carbs. I'm up to my buns in 12V chokes.

Finally, reverse lights from a 68 Bug. These are German Hella lights, and I'll fashion brackets and mount them on the bumper using the stock holes so no new holes get drilled. The 66 Bus has no reverse lights, and not having reverse lights is nuts. I won't be able to activate these just by putting it in reverse, so I'll have to fashion up a switch. No drilling to do that, thank you.

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