Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hazet Assistent

And there's more glory from Hazet too.  Their true claim-to-fame is the Assistent tool cart.  Designed as a catch all for frequently used tools in automotive service centers, the Assistent is a thing of beauty.

The 166N, deployed to max height and cubby, exposure.  Holy crap!! Would you look at all those useful places to put stuff on and little compartments to put stuff in!  Ever since I was a boy I've loved boxes and tables.  The Assistent is both a table AND a box!!  For the love of Moses check my shorts!

Another of the 166N, an older model I believe.  More black on the new Hazet stuff than before.

 An older 166C.  I think the C is a little smaller than the N.  Either way, who cares!  One bible says the same stuff as another regardless of size!  I would carve out my uterus with a dirty spoon and feed it to a rabid raccoon with my pants off just to have a chance to own such a glorious gadget! (which of course is hyperbole, because obviously a raccoon does not wear pants.  Especially not my pants.)
Folded up and ready to be rolled, red wagon style, to the next car waiting for service.

If I had one of these I'd try to mate with it.


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Anonymous said...

Your last few comments may explain the reason you and Kristen have not been successful in having a second child. Kind of gross too.