Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hazet flip-tops - the 190 and the 804

Hazet is a German tool manufacturer fabled for it's association with the VW community, or at least fabled for that association within the VW community.  I'm sure the BMW community could give two poo's about the VW community association!  The Benz community can take a flying leap since Bruno Sacco left MB.

At any rate, one of Hazet's big claims-to-fame is their flip-top style boxes.  There are quite a few I think, but here are just a couple examples.  If you need me I'll be in the men's room enjoying a quiet moment...

 The 804 closed. This is an older box.

 The 804 open. Same box mit lid flipped, bitte. (sad attempt at German)

 And the 190, open.  This is a new style flip-top.  a nice little bit of kit.

So nice in fact, that I bought one.  Boom!

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