Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mo Bus Bits

An endless parade of packages for the Bus...

Fuel pump rebuild kits. These are for the original German pumps. I got one of these kits with the bus and installed it to solve some leak down through the pump that I think I had, but I have a second spare fuel pump and I'll rebuild it, and then keep the second kit for spares to the two complete pumps. Boy Scouts would approve.

G55 Idle Jet, sans electric idle valve switch. This way even if the new 12V idle valve takes a dump I can screw in the replacement jet and run the car without the idle valve. This back-up plan is instead of the lame idea to keep the 6V idle valve for a spare and have a reducer on hand. F- that reducer idea. I'll just tote the naked valve-less jet instead.

Solex Carb rebuild kits. If your mucky old carb is good and tight when it comes to the shafts and bushes, then you can replace all the wear items, and with a cleaning to the fuel channels in the carb body, have essentially a new carb in the end. I went through a full kit working up the first carb, and then a second kit building up the spare carb to troubleshoot the first carb, so more spares are needed.

Fuel tank tap. This little sucker threads in to the underside of the fuel tank, and then gravity feeds fuel to the distributor drive shaft driven fuel pump in the engine bay which pushes fuel to the carb. The tap on the bus looked like it was gooped up pretty good, and then when I pulled the original I found out that...

...the filter sock, which sits on the tap was also gooped up. I'll give a run down of all that later.

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