Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Shifter Coupling Saga, part 1

I mentioned earlier that the Bus's carburetor problems have been solved, but that I've yet to get a chance to get behind the wheel and stretch the legs of the old beast because the rear shift coupling gave out and now the shift lever inside the car isn't actually attached to the transmission any longer.  What I didn't tell you, was that I found out the shift lever wasn't attached to the transmission any longer when I tried to put the car in neutral, released the clutch, and very nearly parked the whole mess in my living room!  The bus was unhurt, but it scared the poo out of me and I did crush my pre-CARB Wedco metal gas can.  I'm bummed.

So that was Saturday, last Saturday, and the parts haven't yet arrived.  Wolfsburg West lists the parts, but they are not happy with the quality of the current reproductions available on the market so they don't stock the part. Therefore I was sent scurrying to find a replacement.  I've not been too happy with the quality of the repop parts available for the bus and I'm not alone, which is why the 'keep it German' mantra has legs, and I understand that the couplings on the market are suspect.  I'm desperate though, so I gotta buy the junk.  
That said, in the time I've waited for the coupling to arrive from the other supplier (who will rename nameless just in case the parts I ordered suck so bad I require customer assistance) I've ordered and received TWO packages of parts from Wolfsburg West!  Apparently, while WW ships same or next day for items listed in stock, the 'other guy' takes the time to read Penthouse and maybe smoke a bowl or two in the can before packages get prepped and handed off to the shipper.  So I wait, and wait, and wait...
The coupling.

 And where it goes in the grand scheme of things.


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