Wednesday, April 4, 2012

VW Bus - Luggage Area - Part 2

Luggage area side panels.

These are the original grey side panels, looking a little forlorn and abused from their days hosting tool boxes and dog leashes. I have a plan though...

And the original corner panels, with their original material removed, naked for recovering. I hav a big honking bolt of headliner material to fashion covers for these. Not enough headliner material to do a full headliner though, and besides, the headliner in the bus is pretty nice for 40 plus years. I will not be touching it.

Upper corner panels removed, the original pearl white paint.

And the other side, same area.

Panels covered and installed. Time to address those lower luggage panels and button everything up.

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Steve Reed said...

Wow, those came out great. I didn't really understand what parts you were talking about until I read the post below, but now I see.